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want to seize control of your own development, learning and lifting?
or to 'dip your toe' in the
lift waters with just a few colleagues to start off

People who choose to make a career of changing the world, deserve to do so at their best:

to be well supported; to be given opportunities to develop and grow; to be surrounded by equally committed colleagues; and to not have to sacrifice yourself 

Our aim is to lift colleagues right across the charity sector, and help them to Thrive

"A rising tide lifts all boats"

Even if it's just one boat to start with

We love this work too

ways we can work with and lift. individuals


Fundamentals of Management

a 6-module programme covering the fundamental nuts and bolts of what you need to do as a Manager 

Successful Hybrid & WFH.png

Successful hybrid & wfh teams

an 8-module programme for those who are (re)building teams that don't all work together in the same place. 

wellbeing led.png

Wellbeing-led Management

our signature12-module programme embedding self-awareness, emotional-intelligence, people-skills and wellbeing in the approach of your managers and leaders

Group Coaching.png

Group Coaching

we have two group coaching programmes to support individuals through specific points in their career

One-to-one coaching.png

One-to-One Coaching

an 8-module programme for those who are (re)building teams that don't all work together in the same place. 


Lean into Leadership

an 8-module programme for those moving into Leadership roles identifying where and how Leadership and Management differ how to lean into the demands of each

lifted colleagues

Tree Aid logo.png

Emily Nelson

Head of Fundraising, Tree Aid

I loved Claire's approach to working together, it was so helpful that she had an in depth knowledge of our organisation and its people.  It meant I didn't have to go into lots of detail about a situation as she already had the context.

Claire's ability to read people is incredible, she made me feel completely understood whilst also calling me out on things I was reluctant to admit to myself or where I was holding back for example.

My coaching saw me through a really tough time - Claire kept me really focussed on what I needed to do in the short term whilst without a Director, and helped me work out what I needed to do for my team in this interim period - she gave me such a huge confidence boost.

claire and lisa lift.png

talk to us about one of these or about something else

a rising tide lifts all boats

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