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Don't you do wellbeing any more?


Wellbeing is where the formation of the company now called Lift all started.

Back in 2017, it was a Ted Talk from Jim Harter of Gallup which sparked the idea of created a consultancy that focussed on charity wellbeing.  Having worked in professional fundraising for 19 years, Claire was already aware of some of the positive wellbeing impacts of a career in the charity sector.  But unfortunately, she was also aware of many significant negative wellbeing impacts it has too.  We knew this was happening, but struggled with communicating just how widespread some of the challenge were.

So, in 2018/19 we ran the UK's first piece of Fundraiser Wellbeing research, the Charity Well Survey.  In 2020, the headline results of that survey were carried in Fundraising Magazine.


We've spent the time between 2018 and today, creating programmes, projects and personalised consultancy work that help to address the root-causes of some of the 'unwellbeing' the research uncovered

Fundraiser Wellbeing

the workplace wellbeing project

brand new for January 2023

We know the quickest way to have the biggest impact with our work is to work with senior leadership teams to help identify wellbeing challenges and reduce / remove their impact right across the organisation, which  benefits ALL colleagues

Having now worked directly with 17 notprofit organisations on specific workplace wellbeing projects, we now have a tried and tested formula that we know helps organisations make a great start, and provides a simple framework, to their workplace wellbeing journey

we're looking for 10 organisations...

that also want to improve workplace wellbeing

to work with us over a 10-month period in 2023

(all of the work in the first month is ours)

to put in place their own workplace wellbeing programme

At the end of the project you get

An ongoing, embedded workplace wellbeing programme that is yours,

informed by your colleagues,

addressing real challenges in your workplace,

enabling ongoing improvement for your organisation,

committing to better wellbeing for everyone

how do we work? Claire Warner.png

how do we work?

Our consultancy and project work is all about the detail

And we want to make sure that the detail we get isn't just from one source.

Initially we have a chat about how things are currently and what you want to achieve. If we do work together we will then speak to everyone involved to get a 360degree view of the situation.

Rarely do we simply just do the thing we're asked for. In most cases, the thing we're asked for isn't going to deliver the outcome you're looking for.

We like to start with outcomes and then work backwards.

So, if you'd like to have a chat about your team or organisation and either the wellbeing or culture challenges you face or the improvements you'd like to embed, we'd love to talk to find out more

examples of consultancy work we've done

team wellbeing culture

the brief

"We LOVE wellbeing at <organisation name>!  But like most in the charity sector we are far better at looking after other people’s wellbeing than taking our own advice!!! 


The team are really, really tired.  One of them was saying to me that they’ve: “washed and rewashed my resilience superhero outfit so often that it’s getting threadbare”. 


And this is coming through with their ability to manage workload, early signs of increasing sick leave, the scenario where they go on annual leave and come back having spent the entire time asleep and still feel tired. 


And of course there is still so much to do and we can’t recruit quickly enough to get all the resource in we actually need – and in a small team of 15 they are reluctant to let anything go or pass it on to colleagues. 


All of this is I’m sure super familiar

We're looking for some external help to identify and tackle the things we haven't done.  

Is this something you might be interested in getting involved with?"

the work we did

We were delighted to be approached by this brilliant charity.  They already had many of the "usual" wellbeing elements covered - team tea breaks, daily check-ins, wellbeing days, lunchtime yoga, Employee Assist Programme etc - but what they hadn't covered was the mindset work behind this.  Staff were well aware these things were on offer but they weren't being used. And what's more, they didn't feel they should take them.  They were comparing their own wellbeing to the wellbeing of their beneficiaries, and dismissing it.  They could see how much pressure everyone was under and didn't want to add to it by admitting they were struggling and asking for change or help.

In response we created a project which included: sessions on the basics of wellbeing and self-care and their impact on your ability to perform at your best (in any areas of life), a wellbeing audit and survey and identified the main causes of challenge to wellbeing; one-to-one conversations with every team member to ensure all of the challenges had been heard and understood; team sessions to discuss how they would like to see things changed and improved; and created a wellbeing tool-kit to help identify, acknowledge and start to tackle some of the key challenges and stressors and delivered this as a physical book and in an in-person delivered session to explain how it was to be used.  We also created a separate resource for Managers, to help them to support their team members (and each other) in increasing their commitment to wellbeing and in using the tools provided.

We know you would love to see more examples here of work we've done with others - so would we!

The simple truth is that demand has escalated so much in the last 12 months, we're short on time to do anything other than awesome client work - this includes updating our website and many other admin-related areas.


Click on the word more below and we'll send you a no-obligation email with some more examples

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