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about us

our vision

to make Changing the World the only challenge that purpose-driven charity sector colleagues face at work

Planting a Tree

our history


lift workplace culture consultancy (originally called Claire Warner Wellbeing) was founded 


the organisation ran the UK's first specific piece of fundraiser wellbeing research.  


founded and co-curated the Charity Workplace Wellbeing Summit


launched the Thrive programme for Fundraising Leaders and the Certificate in Wellbeing-Led Management


influx of pandemic recovery-focussed work


Rise: workplace culture development programme launched.  Lisa Clavering joined as Programme Director

mission & values


we help organisations to develop their own way of delivering incredible results whilst, not breaking, their staff

ambition, happiness, motivation, performance, retention, productivity, innovation, results, joy

There are six values which underpin and run through the core of our work

They dictate who we will and won't work with; how we work; how we approach work; what you can expect of us; what we expect of you and where you will see us voice opinions and help amplify the voices of others

nurture  |  loyalty  |  passion  |  integrity  |  balance  |  fun


Claire Warner armchair.jpg

Claire Warner, BA (Hons), FRSA, MInstLM, former MCIOF, Founder of workplace culture consultancy  Lift

& Charity Workplace Wellbeing Summit

I'm Claire - former Fundraising Director & Charity Senior Leader, turned award-winning workplace culture consultant; Roffey Park Institute trained management coach; and wellbeing champion

I'm also an embarrassing mum, forgetful wife, fierce ally, occasional potty-mouth and soap-box ranter, cancer survivor, poor own-advice taker, squad member and  loyal friend

I'm married to the long-suffering Mr W and we live with our two daughters, Warners Tall and Small, and Maddie the horse, and Rowan the dog, on the side of the Pennines in Lancashire

My great passions are coffee, blue cheese, live music, horse riding (slowly) stand-up comedy, netflix, holidays and Team Warner

Lisa Clavering, Lift Programme Director.jpg

Lisa Clavering, BSc (Hons), former MCIOF,

Programme Director at Lift

and Coach / Mentor

I'm Lisa - I have worked in the charity sector for most of my career, initially in fundraising and later in digital engagement. My quest to feel like I am making the most difference I can has led to forays into frontline mental health service delivery, and primary school support work, but some ties can’t be fully broken and the sector calls me back!

More recently I have been studying and boosting my coaching skills and I have realised that, while my heart is with the sector, my ideal job would be helping people working in charities to have happier, healthier working lives. Imagine my joy when there turned out to be a job at LIft that would allow me to do exactly that! I cannot wait to work alongside Claire and support wonderful people at amazing charities. 


Outside of work I am a lover of colourful clothes, mum to “the Chaos Twins” (NB, not *actually* twins), trustee at a local wildlife charity, school volunteer and general work/life balance juggler. For my personal wellbeing I like to read (but never make as much time for it as I want to), run (ditto), and binge watch TV from the late 90’s and early 00’s that requires no concentration and takes me back to simpler times. My happy place is baking in the kitchen listening to the Hamilton soundtrack.

want to know more?

In July 2019, Claire was invited to chat with podcasting legends Kenneth Foreman and James Wright, as a guest on their Do More Good Podcast, to talk about life, wellbeing, founding Lift and everything in between.  The interview took place in a bar at IOF Convention (the best place for a podcast interview, yes?)

There's a bit of everything in there.  Click on the image to take a listen 

Claire Warner Do More Good Podcast.png
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