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there are three main ways in which we work with clients:

consultancy & projects

training & programmes

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why choose us?

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lift. is a workplace culture consultancy founded by CEO, Claire Warner.  Claire is an award-winning Roffey Park Institute and Management Centre trained management specialist and a member of the Institute of Leadership and Management. 

In a successful 19-year career as a fundraising senior leader, Claire helped raise more than £70 million for capital & revenue projects. But she found her real passion and her joy in interim team trouble-shooting roles and in  managing and mentoring more than 100 fundraising and communications professionals, supporting many of them into managerial and leadership roles themselves.


In 2018, Claire founded a consultancy (now called Lift.) which helps organisations to develop their own way of delivering incredible results whilst lifting, not breaking, their staff. In 2019, She conducted the UK's first fundraising sector culture & wellbeing research;  and is widely regarded as one of the leading specialists for not-for-profit and public sector work.Claire is now also an in-demand conference speaker and session facilitator and host, sharing the work and the ethos of Lift

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