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of Management

a 6-module programme for those moving from contributor to manager roles or who've already made that move but not had any training

Moving into people-management is hard!

Going from being awesome at your own particular specialism area, to line-managing one or more other people who are also awesome in that same specialism area isn't always as easy as you might expect it to be


There are lots of new things to think about and balance:

How do you balance your time between delivery of your own operational workload AND providing the support needed by those you people-manage?

How do you learn to celebrate their successes as your successes?

How do you give them the support they need to learn and grow, especially if this might not be in exactly the same way as you do things?

How do you manage difference of approach and opinion? How do you delegate and give opportunities?

How do you learn to love these new parts of your role?

Fundamentals of Management gives you and your peer managers the practical and tactical skills and tools you need to transition from Contributor to Manager


of Management

A wellbeing-led experience

Programme Design

98% of managers feel under-equipped and wish they received more management training. Many organisations want to help but lack the internal resources to develop their leaders.


Many Mangers have to figure it out on their own, using their own experience of being managed as their only learning.  We’ve redefined management development, making it accessible, enjoyable, engaging and meaningful.


In our experience, training programmes have gaps: they're either too full-on and you don't have time to digest the information, or they're too spread out and you lose the thread.

They also tend to be "one-off wonders" with a focus on the here and now and no view to how to implement learning a few weeks or months ahead

Our management training is different:

We offer weekly live training, with access to bite-sized recordings of the same to help back the live training up;

We offer a workbook which has been designed for your eyes only, to help you to apply the learning and tactics to your own situation and your own colleagues;  and

We offer a facebook group where you can come and ask your questions for 6 months from date of sign up!

The Modules

  1. Manager Mindset - The transition from team contributor to people manager

  2. Goal setting and measurement

  3. Great Communication

  4. Effective feedback & performance review

  5. Delegate and Coach - support, don’t do-for

  6. Teams and team dynamics

What do you get?

  1. Six content modules delivered live once a week for 6 weeks

  2. Watch-again access to each of these in smaller bite-sized videos for six months

  3. Workbook to accompany each module for participants to help you to consider your current situation and apply learning to your own experiences and circumstances

  4. Private Fundamentals facebook group for you and others taking part in the course, to support each other, to share experience, and to ask questions of them and us

Step One

Access & Absorb

All six of the modules are delivered in weekly live training sessions.

Step Two

Embed Knowledge & Skills

Use the online bite-sized recordings to revisit parts of the modules and use the workbooks to help you apply the learning to your own situation

Step Three

Manage with confidence

Gain confidence and comfort in a Facebook group of your peers. Ask questions of them and us. Access this for six months

Sign Up


our next cohort begins in September - sign-up today!

You personally can join today for £275 and start with us this month

Or you can enrol your whole organisation today from £2750 and EVERYONE can start with us this month

If you're interest in whole organisation sign-up but have more than 60 Managers, contact us for more options

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Past Fundamentalers

I loved the Fundamentals of Management programme and Claire was an absolute pleasure to work with. The knowledge, expertise and tips shared within the programme have helped me immensely in my journey as a line manager improving both relationships, results and my self-confidence​

Darren Worthy, Senior Individual Giving Manager, YHA

Got any questions?

Drop us a no-obligation email here or book in for a chat

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