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we are at our most effective and our most able to influence lift. when we work across entire teams and organisations

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At Lift, a large part of the work we do spans entire organisations or departments.  When one person lifts, the ripples can be felt by those immediately around them, but wider influence can be illusive. 


But when whole teams and organisations Lift, those ripples are unavoidable. Whole team engagement means whole team approaches to all kinds of people, culture, management and leadership challenges and solutions

Whole team engagement is where significant change and Lifting takes place. It's where values and behaviours are lived; it's were development is in-built; it's where interdependence is at it's greatest; it's where colleagues choose to stay, and Thrive 


 "A rising tide lifts all boats".
We want that tide to lift for everybody

We absolutely love the work we do.

ways we can work with your team / organisation 

Lift. consultancy & projects

consultancy & projects

Whether it's leading your team through a full culture-change programme; the creation of a people & wellbeing strategy; designing your colleague experience; a colleague engagement project; or us joining your team for an interim period; or a bit of more than one of these; be prepared to be challenged; be prepared to self-reflect; be prepared for change - good change!

training & programmes

Most of our training and programmes are in the areas of Management and Leadership. Where we are able to lift knowledge, skill and confidence of these across entire teams and organisations, we see true transformational change. 

We have four proven open programmes and we deliver bespoke in-house training and workshops

Lift. training & programmes for organisations
Lift. consultancy & projects

1:1 and group coaching

Being able to adopt a team / organisation coaching culture is an amazing goal.  And we can help you get there.  But sometimes along the way, you need help either to deliver coaching support for other colleagues; OR to have access to coaching yourself to help you transition to the next phase. Whichever you need, we can help

keynotes & workshops

Need an external voice, to share insight and /or  lead sessions or keynotes for your organisation or sector conference, convention, summit, away-day or seminar?


We love starting, guiding and facilitating these types of conversations and have experience in doing so, both online and in-person 


lifted colleagues

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Vanessa Longley,

Director of Development

Young Minds

Claire helped us appreciate that wellbeing and improved delivery are the same thing.  Investing and paying attention to staff wellbeing is not about the yoga and free fruit – she showed us how by investing time and focus in wellbeing we could create a higher performing team.  Through Claire’s insight and focus on wellbeing, the team delivered a 95% growth on income in a particularly challenging and under-staffed year.


Claire provides the perfect balance of sensitive challenge and support – at the end of the project every single team member reported improvement in their own wellbeing, and that the process had supported personal development.

Image by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen

talk to us about one of these or about something else

a rising tide lifts all boats

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lift. for individuals

Lift consultancy - for individuals
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