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an 8-module programme to help managers and leaders build cultures, structures, and support mechanisms that work for hybrid and work-from-home colleagues

The world of work has changed. 
For many, this change has been a long time coming. But as well as accepting hybrid and remote working patterns, we need to create and build cultures that embrace the different needs of colleagues, and that are designed to
lift and Thrive 

Working from Home

Hybrid, remote and work-from-anywhere teams are the future of work.  They allow great flexibility, they reduce commute time, they allow work-life balance benefits and they help in retaining amazing colleagues

But not created, managed and led correctly, and remote and hybrid teams can soon become isolating, unengaged, distracting and dysfunctional. 

In this programme you will learn about intricacies of hybrid teams and team dynamics, about harnessing the power of technology, and about fostering a culture of collaboration across physical and virtual boundaries.


Each module provides practical tools and actionable insights, enabling attendees to create successful and thriving remote and wfh teams

the modules

1. Understanding Hybrid & Remote teams

Participants will learn how to optimise team structure, composition and leverage diverse skill sets across physical and virtual spaces.

2. H & R Team Relationships & Culture

Learn strategies to foster a sense of belonging and camaraderie within your hybrid team. Explore innovative approaches to virtual team building activities, recognizing and celebrating team achievements, and nurturing a positive team culture

3. Remote People-Management Essentials

Discover the fundamental principles of remote leadership, including effective communication techniques, building trust from a distance, and establishing clear expectations to drive team performance

4. Hybrid & Remote Communication

Master the art of communication in remote settings, including active listening, delivering feedback remotely, and navigating cultural differences. Develop the skills to promote transparency, understanding, and effective decision-making in your team.

5. Technology and collaboration

Uncover a wealth of digital tools and platforms that facilitate seamless collaboration among team members. Develop expertise in virtual meeting facilitation, project management, and document sharing for enhanced productivity.

6. Remote performance management

Discover proven techniques for setting goals, tracking progress, and providing performance feedback in virtual environments. Explore methods for motivating and empowering team members to achieve their best results.

7. Isolation, Disengagement & Loneliness

Identify and address the unique challenges that arise in remote & hybrid work settings, including: isolation; managing work-life balance, addressing conflicts remotely, and promoting mental wellbeing. Acquire strategies to tackle these obstacles head-on

8. Work & Work / Life Balance

There is a common misconception that when working remotely or in a hybrid form, your work life balance inevitably improves.  This is not always the case.  And finding and maintaining a balance requires the implementation of strict boundaries and expectations.

In this chapter we will look at how to identify and adopt these for ourselves and for our teams

Sign up today and gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence to create a high-performing, connected, and engaged hybrid team that thrives in the modern workplace.

what do you get?

Man on His Laptop
Computer Work
Person Participating in Video Call

Six individually themed learning modules with in-session activities  


Theses are accessed either:

pre-recorded online only - self-study 

or in live delivery workshops with watch-again access to the pre-records online - live programme

A workbook for each module, helping you to reflect on and implement the learning, and with prompts to help you apply the content to your own circumstance and situation

These are provided in both google doc and word doc format

(both self-study and live programme)

Monthly course-specific group coaching calls for 6-months following the end of the live delivery for questions, confidence, and camaraderie with other course participants

live programme only

what does this deliver?

Woman at Work
Audience Laughing


A structured and measured approach, with examples and tips, to making the move from a team contributor role to a people manager role


Theories, examples and suggestions to help apply and use the learning and to make your transition smooth and successful


A module-by-module workbook that builds into your own personalised plan to help you navigate this change in perspective and help keep on track. 

Working on a Laptop

study options 

Self Study

Gain instant, self-study online access to all 8 self-study modules, as Pre-recorded Videos with accompanying Reflection & Implementation Guide for you to download and complete for your own use.


There is no live element to this option

Get 12-months online access to the programme and materials

£240 per person

or £45 per month

Live Group Programme

Access to our 8-week live group training and coaching programme. 


Each week you will be sent the module call link and accompanying Reflection & Implementation Guide. 

Then join us for a live monthly coaching call with other participants, to discuss the module its topics and their implications each month for six months following the end of the programme

(And get 12-months access to the self-study version programme and materials)

£360 per person

or £66 per month

next programme starts May 2024

H&R anchor

lifted colleagues

LHCT Logo.png

We were looking for a management training programme to provide to all line managers across the charity.  We liked Claire's approach - engaging and not too formal - and appreciated her experience in charity fundraising and people development, and her flexibility.

The management training workshops and Claire's delivery were fantastic. Her own experiences and the examples she shared really helped people understand the importance of the subject areas.  Doing the training as a colleague cohort has really helped  us to lift management style and approach right across the charity

Michelle Wood

Head of Workforce Development

Leeds Hospitals Charity

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talk to us about one of these or about something else

a rising tide lifts all boats

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