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management & leadership

the impact of a great manager, and just as importantly, of a poor manager, is often overlooked

so too is the fact that how we develop as Managers has a direct relationship with how we develop as Leaders

Broken Trunk

how do we help


management and leadership skill & confidence?

we focus on wellbeing-led management, which helps lift. the motivation, performance and success of the individual and the manager


we have something which offers opportunities to lift. your knowledge, skill and confidence wherever you are in your people-management and leadership journey, from first-timer to CEO

organisations whose management skill & confidence we've helped lift.

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courses & workshops

We have created these four programmes in response to the more frequent requests and needs identified to help Lift Managers and Management Skill.  The content of each has specifically been tailored to meet the needs people-managers (at all levels) in not-for-profit and public sector organisations.

Available in different formats

Self Study

Online Live

In-house Live

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Manager Moves

The 100 days in any new role are the MOST crucial period of your time in that role. What you do, how you do it, the relationships you build and the perception you create will determine your entire tenure in the role.  The first 13 weeks in your Manager role are even more important still - these dictate the whole tone and bedrock of your time in post.  Kind of important then that you get these weeks right then?

Fundamentals of Management

The tactical and operational areas of managing other people - setting goals and targets; agreeing clear expectations; delegating; monitoring and accountability; support and feedback; and balancing managing and your own operational role.

Successful Hybrid & Remote Teams

an 8-module programme to help people-managers and people-leaders build structure, engagement, relationships, connection, and support mechanisms for hybrid and wfh colleagues in hybrid and remote teams

wellbeing-led management certificate

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certificate in wellbeing-led management 

Wellbeing-Led Management is our signature 12-module people-management training and coaching programme.


With the wellbeing of the people manager and the people being managed at its heart, this programme is created specifically to meet the needs of people-managers wanting to deepen their understanding of themselves, their colleagues, their interdependencies and where their sum is far greater than the whole of their parts

The next live cohort begins end of September 2023

We can also create a white-label versions of this and other bespoke programmes for your organisation

1:1 coaching & mentoring

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Manager Development 

One of most frustrating parts of working in the not-for-profit and public sectors is when you've spotted someone (either already in your team or at interview) who you know, with the right support and nurturing, could be an absolutely amazing Manager.  But you just don't have the time to provide them with the support they need, and you can't offer them the role without it. And in the case of the person already in your team, this probably means losing them to another job elsewhere

Here's where we step in

Working with you, we clarify "how you would do it if you had the time to do it" and work with the colleague for their first 6 months in post, to deliver the support and guidance they need to become the Manager you know they can be

Life coaching

Wellbeing-led Leadership

For lots of us, getting to a Senior Leadership or CEO role is a career goal.  But like in every other role, no-one ends up at "the top of the tree" as a finished article.  We are all, always, a work in progress

And sometimes, it's at the top where that wellbeing-led focus becomes more difficult. It's where we most often hear about the wellbeing trade-off - it's either theirs or ours. And at the top, it can be harder to admit (to yourself as well as to others) that you don't have all of the answers.

How do we help?

We work 1:1 with Directors and CEOs through times of challenge and change, helping them to keep the "wellbeing-led" aspect in play for all sides

get started for free

When colleagues know and understand more about themselves and each other, teams fly!

There is an abundance of data which proves that engaged, well-communicated-with and collectively-purpose-driven teams outperform their disengaged, badly communicated-with, siloed colleagues by significant margins.

Download our FREE You-ser Manual designed to help lift. and strengthen communication, relationships and understanding in not-for-profit and public sector teams

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Abandoned Railroad

the “abundantly clear” cost of poor management

More than 2 in 5 employees have left a job because of a bad manager

A survey of 2,100 UK employees, conducted by Visier, found that 43 per cent of workers have left a job at some point in their career because of their manager.


The poll also found that more than half (53 per cent) of those considering leaving their jobs say that they were looking to change roles because of their manager.

the hidden
cost of poor management

70% of a team's engagement depends on the Manager - better engagement = better performance

Research by Gallup found that variance of up to 70% in team engagement (the strength of the mental and emotional connection people feel toward their organisation, their team, and the work they do) depends on their Manager. The 3 main contributory factors are:

  • the team's perceptions of their Manager

  • the Manager's level of engagement

  • the Manager's talents

the opportunity cost of poor management

In a market where recruitment is tough and the right candidate is so important, THIS is where you can make the difference

It's not unusual for 30% of colleagues in an organisation to line-manage someone. And 100% of colleagues are line-managed by someone. 

Therefore, the organisation known for a culture where Managers feel equipped to support their line-reports well and to focus on development and good, and where colleagues feel the benefit of this culture, is going to be the stand-out choice in a crowded recruiting marketplace.

Simon Sinek famously said

"most things break in the middle"

And in the not-for-profit and public sectors, we have relied on our middle managers for years - and that was before the pandemic took hold.

With the additional challenges of remote working, changing work and delivery, colleague uncertainty and sector uncertainty, we need our managers to be skilled motivators, mentors, translators, prioritisers, and in many cases, also operational deliverers too. 


The fact that only 21% of charity sector line managers have ever received any formal management training makes this an even tougher mountain to climb.

In many cases, untrained, ill-equipped Managers go on to become organisational Leaders who are still untrained and ill-equipped Managers. And when this goes wrong, it can go very wrong. Frequent examples include "problem" people that SLT / CEO don't deal with because they don't know how; which can lead to frustrated problem people who start to impact the environment around them; and at the higher level, problem behaviours that start to impact entire organisations with their toxicity

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why choose us?

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Lift. is a workplace culture, management & wellbeing consultancy, founded by CEO, Claire Warner.  Claire is an award-winning Roffey Park Institute and Management Centre trained management specialist; a member of the Institute of Leadership and Management; conducted the UK's first fundraising sector culture & wellbeing research;  and is widely regarded as one of the leading specialists for not-for-profit and public sector work.

In a successful 19-year career as a fundraising senior leader, Claire helped raise more than £70 million for capital and revenue projects. But she found her passion and her joy in managing and mentoring more than 100 fundraising and communications professionals, supporting many of them into managerial and leadership roles themselves.


In 2018, Claire founded a consultancy (now called Lift.) which helps organisations to develop their own way of delivering incredible results whilst lifting, not breaking, their staff. Claire is now also an in-demand conference and summit plenary speaker and session host, sharing the work and the ethos of Lift

Find out more about Claire and the rest of the team

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