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a 6-month guided group coaching and support programme for Managers moving jobs (at any level)

a programme created to help you prepare for and navigate a clean, respectful and diligent exit from your old role and a successful, comfortable and effective entrance into your new role

Have you ever secured a dream new role, only to spend a significant part of your first 3 months in post, questioning the move?

You're not alone


of people quit a new job in their first 90 days in post

Moving role in the not-for-profit sector is an interesting prospect.  The fairly flat structures, particularly in small and mid scale charities, can mean that you need to "move out to move up".  And so it is not uncommon for those in the sector to change roles 2, 3 or even 4 times in their first 10 years.  


If your new role is with a different organisation, especially for those with a number of years under their belt in their former role, it can be very hard to cope with being the new person and having to learn, sometimes from scratch, about your new organisation and the way it operates.


If your new role is with the same organisation, the challenge comes from having to make a gravitas transition into your new role and new responsibilities, and for your colleagues to recognise and accept that transition also - how Do you go about line-managing the people who were your peers last week?

"The first 90 days of a new role can determine your success or failure and have implications for the rest of your career. 

Initial impressions are crucial since perceptions are formed quickly and, although they may be based on limited information, once formed they typically stick"

Michael Watkins

Working from Home

moving jobs is hard

And no matter how much you really want it, moving roles as a people manager is even more challenging.  You know you've been offered the role based on your experience, your knowledge and your personality.   But on day one in the new role, that knowledge and experience seems to disappear as you become the "newbie" who doesn't know who anyone is, what anyone does, how anything works, or where to find out.

And this can be a daunting experience.  Many people in their first 6 months in a new role, seriously consider leaving - and more than you'd think, actually do!

Add to this the new and difficult challenge of managing a hybrid or wfh team, working in new and changing circumstances, and against a backdrop of a really tough last few years, and this role can seem even more lonely and isolated than it might have done a few years ago.

And when we're feeling isolated and unconfident, it's not uncommon for us to retreat to our "safe place".  And the chances are, success in this role, and the right kind of support and guidance for your team, isn't going to be found in that safe place.

Then there's the tiny voice questioning whether your new team will like you, whether there's someone in that team who went for the job you got, what your new boss will be like, are they expecting you to be superhuman? and the nerves can really take hold.

Working at home

you deserve to get as well as give, the very best from this opportunity


if you've found yourself here, I'm guessing one of these is true:
Number 1 image_edited.png

You've recently already started a new job and have realised some "you" focussed help, coaching & support would be really useful and get you, your confidence and your plans back on track

Number 2 image_edited.png

You've been offered a new job and you've now got to hand in your notice, and negotiate a productive and good-natured exit from your existing organisation and prepare for a successful and intentional start in the new one​

Number 3 image_edited.png

You've already handed in that notice, you're starting the new role next week and you've suddenly realised you've got to live up to everything you promised in your job-winning interview (and more)

do you want to...

create an exit for yourself from your current role that lets you feel like you did everything you could to do justice to your colleagues, your beneficiaries and your supporters AND leave enough room to still have some life outside of work?

work through a guided process to help define how you want to approach your new role, identify your own strengths and the areas you believe you will find most challenging and create a plan to address these?

outline your own plans for the induction and on-boarding process, and design your entrance into the new role?

maximise the benefits of being the new person and the learning, relationship-building and scene-setting opportunities that this once-only circumstance allows?

minimise the risks of unsustainable and unhealthy overwhelm and over-delivery?

Have somewhere 'safe' to go to admit your nerves, your insecurities and your vulnerabilities with others who "get it", without having to 'over-share' with your new colleagues (and line manager)?

Green Farm




a 6-month guided coaching, support, confidence and cheer-leading programme for Managers moving roles

plus a further 6 months in the facebook group

what is it?

Manager Moves is a  6-month guided support and group coaching programme for people-managers who are changing jobs.  Whether that be to a new role in the same organisation, or to a new role in a new organisation, the Manager Moves programme provides a structured framework to navigating a clean and professional exit from your old role and a successful and effective entrance into the new one.

This is not a Management Training Programme (but we provide those too).  This is a programme to help you focus on you, on what you want to achieve in the new role, on what you know you need to work on, on where your confidence lies, on where you might need some more focus and support; to fight off some of the potential mind monkeys, and to concentrate on who you want to be in the new role

Staff Meeting

what do you get?

Man on His Laptop
Person Participating in Video Call
Mobile App

A structured weekly online guided programme (with accompanying journal prompts), on how to make each step of the transition process feel comfortable, intentional and successful 

(covers the period of the last 4 weeks of your old role to the first 12 weeks of your new role)

A monthly live group coaching call with your peers, facilitated by one of us (at Lift), to share experiences, to ask questions, to be vulnerable, to hear from your peers, to build relationships and to gain confidence

(you can access these your first six months in the programme)

A private facebook group full of peers all going through the same transition as you, and who know something of what your'e feeling. Head in there for connection, for peer network building, for cheerleading and commiserating, for asking advice, for sharing wins, and for finding your squad of co-newby Managers / Heads of / Directors

(you can access this  group for 12 months from joining the programme)

what does this deliver?

Taking a Walk
Woman at Work
Shaking Hands


A comprehensive and diligent departure from your existing role and organisation, with a professional combination of knowledge transfer, suggestion and information sharing, without setting yourself an impossible task and wearing yourself out 


The time and space to think about who you want to be in this new role: how you want to approach it; how you want to be perceived by colleagues; what you want to do and how; and how you want to work with the people you're going to manage


A structured and intentional start in your new role - unencumbered by limiting beliefs; by the quality of the induction you're given; by the immediate operational needs of the workplace. And a plan for how you're going to achieve everything you planned in 2

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£49 per month x 6months

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Thank you for the support.  Today in particular, your question about over-delivery and the precedent it sets really struck me as the exact unconscious stress I've been struggling to identify

Andy King

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why choose us?

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lift. is a workplace culture, management & wellbeing consultancy, founded by CEO, Claire Warner.  Claire is an award-winning Roffey Park Institute and Management Centre trained management specialist and a member of the Institute of Leadership and Management. 

In a successful 19-year career as a fundraising senior leader, Claire helped raise more than £70 million for capital & revenue projects. But she found her real passion and her joy in managing and mentoring more than 100 fundraising and communications professionals, supporting many of them into managerial and leadership roles themselves.


In 2018, Claire founded a consultancy (now called Lift.) which helps organisations to develop their own way of delivering incredible results whilst lifting, not breaking, their staff. In 2019, She conducted the UK's first fundraising sector culture & wellbeing research;  and is widely regarded as one of the leading specialists for not-for-profit and public sector work.Claire is now also an in-demand conference speaker and session facilitator and host, sharing the work and the ethos of Lift

find out more about the lift. team

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