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certificate in wellbeing-led management

knowledge, skill & confidence training & coaching programme for aspiring, new and existing people-managers in the non-profit and public sectors

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Claire Warner,
Certificate in Wellbeing-led Management

Whether you're a manager and have been for years; you're new to line management; or you are looking for a promotion into a line management role; Motivate is the management skill & confidence group training & coaching programme for you

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Managing others can be the most challenging of roles.  Far too often, we allow or expect people to do so without equipping them with the skills, knowledge and tools to manage and motivate others well. 


As with so many things, it's all fine when things are going well, but it's when problems arise, or challenges appear, that the lack of skill and tools becomes apparent.  And, issues that could be dealt with positively, quickly and effectively, get left to fester and to worsen. 


I can't think of any instances where the best course of action for an issue is to leave it and hope it will go away.  

Colleagues who think and work differently to us; colleagues whose standards and behaviours don't match ours; colleagues who seem secretive and who don't share - these can all be challenging situations to deal with and ones that we instinctively shy away from.  Not so for those who have been through Motivate

Motivate has been created specifically to give these managers the knowledge, skill and confidence they need to face this new future and flourish in it - to lift.

Motivate is a 12-month training and coaching programme created specifically to meet the needs of new, existing and aspiring people-managers in the non-profit and public sectors, looking to lift. their management knowledge, skill and confidence

Part One: the 12 training modules

Self Study programme - instant access to the module training videos on signing-up


In-house Live programme - delivered to a timeframe agreed by you (with access to the videos too)


What makes a manager a manager?


The 13 ingredients of great managing 


Individuals & their characteristics - based on Myers Briggs


What makes a successful team?


Team roles and relationships


Motivation and motivating


Team Wellbeing


Dealing with difficult people


Holding challenging conversations


Managing performance


Influence and influencing


Coaching and Mentoring

Part Two: the coaching calls

After completing the 12 structured training modules, the programme is focussed on using and embedding the learning.  We hold monthly group coaching calls to help to support, trouble-shoot, role-play, rehearse, gain confidence and embed the learning from the 12 modules, and more.  There are no set topics for these calls, they are participant-led with their questions and scenarios 

what our programme alumni say

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Claire has a unique management style which I loved and admired when she was my boss.


I loved it even more when I joined Motivate and she taught me how to do and be the same as a boss for my team. Motivate taught me how to know and understand my team and what motivates each of them - when team were ok and when they weren't,  when they needed pushing, when they needed distracting and when they needed to step back. understands what motivates people, and  how to use that to get the very best from them.


I'd never had any management training My managing was based on good examples of management I'd experienced. I was confident in building relationships with my colleagues but in holding difficult conversations or about dealing with underperformance.

Motivate equipped me with skills, tools and confidence to deal with these and much more.  It has made me a much better and much more effective manager and I'd highly recommend it to anyone wanting to  increase their confidence or skills


Our Managers had requested some management support.  They were struggling to help their colleagues during increasing uncertainty and having suddenly and without notice had to all work remotely.

Claire's pilot Motivate programme
was clear, easy to follow, pitched right for all levels of managers taking part, and covered all of the elements we had requested and more. We would highly recommend Motivate.  The quality of the learning is excellent and Claire is an engaging trainer

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wellbeing-led management certificate

sign-up options

Motivate self-study content

instant-access to pre-recorded learning content:

12 pre-recorded training module sessions

 Accompanying workbook for each of the 12 modules for you to use, complete, revisit and keep

 12 months' access to the Monthly live coaching calls

 12 months' access to the online peer support group

 lifetime access to the training module video recordings

Motivate live delivery content

live, in-person delivery of learning content:

12 delivered-live training module sessions

 Accompanying workbook for each of the 12 modules for you to use, complete, revisit and keep

 12 months' access to the Monthly live coaching calls

 12 months' access to the online peer support group

 lifetime access to the training module video recordings


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Motivate: Me

The option for you if you're signing up yourself or you're enrolling just one person from your team or organisation


£650 (equates to £55 per module)

(split-pay option available for self-funders)

Motivate: Team

The option for you if you're signing up three or more people from organisation at the same time -

20% discount


£520 per person (20% discount)

Motivate: Organisation

The option for you if you're looking to make lasting and transformational change by increasing knowledge, skill and confidence of ALL of your  organisation's managers


Standard Price: £5,600

Discount Tier One

Orgs £4m-£10m: 15%

Discount Tier Two

Orgs <£4m: 30%  


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Motivate: In-Person

The ultimate option for those looking to combine the transformational uplift in management knowledge, skill and confidence of ALL of your organisation's managers WITH a shared experience of learning and growing together at the same time, as a development-focussed unit


Delivered in-house by video call

Standard Price = £7,800

Delivered in-house, in-person

Standard Price = £9,360

Discount Tier One - Orgs £4m-£10m: 15% 

Discount  Tier Two - Orgs <£3m: 30%

(prices do not include accommodation or travel which are charged separately)

about claire

Claire Warner (Founder & CEO of Lift.) is an award-winning workplace culture & wellbeing specialist, a Roffey Park Institute-trained Management Coach, and is widely regarded as one of the non-profit sector's leading culture & wellbeing specialists.  


In a successful 20-year career as a fundraising leader, Claire raised  more than £50 million for capital, project and revenue activities.  She also managed and mentored more than 100 fundraising and comms professionals and supported many of them into managerial and leadership roles themselves.


In 2016, Claire was diagnosed with breast cancer and gave up work for 10-months while she underwent surgery and treatment and never went back to Fundraising.


Claire Warner Wellbeing (now Lift.) was created when her own experience of serious unwellbeing provided the impetus for a new focus and purpose.

Claire Warner Charity Wellbeing_edited.jpg
Claire Warner Personal Growth_edited.png


What is the programme time commitment?

Part One consists of twelve 90-minute learning modules.  There is a workbook that accompanies each call and we estimate a further 30 - 60 minutes spend on each of these will help focus on the specifics of your situation.  

Part Two is a further nine months and consists of live monthly live coaching calls where Motivate participants past and present can come and share their own specific challenges and ask questions, and where we rehearse, share and grow confidence.  These will last between 60 and 90 minutes depending on the number of questions asked.  

Participants need to complete the online modules, and attend at least four of the coaching calls to be awarded the certificate.

When do the calls take place?

The monthly coaching calls take place at midday (UK time) on the last Wednesday of every month

When does the programme start?

You can sign-up at any time, the training module content is self-study

How long does the programme last?

The formal structure of the programme 12 months - an estimated 3 months for the training, and then 9 months of coaching calls. 

How do I pay?

You can pay for the self study option either by card or on invoice.  Payments are structured differently for Individuals who are enrolling and funding themselves in the programme and they can choose to pay over 6 or 12 months (or in full)

There are also different payment structures for organisations booking places for 3 or more colleagues; and for organisations wanting to book places for ALL of their Managers and aspiring Managers

How are we awarded the Certification?

To gain the certificate, participants must complete all 12 of the learning modules. In addition, self-study participants must attend at least four of the coaching calls

We are in the process of applying for CPD accreditation for Motivate and will update this section when that has been achieved. 


Can you run a version of Motivate as an in-house programme for us?

Yes! This is our preferred method of delivery - see the Live Delivery section above

Does the programme include any 1:1 management coaching?

Motivate is a group training and coaching programme and has been deliberately designed as such so that participants learn from each others' experience as well as from the prepared programme content.  During the coaching calls, individuals are coached by Claire and their specific questions are discussed but there is no 1:1 provision in the programme.  Motivate participants can book 1:1 coaching with Claire separately at a discounted rate.

You (and anyone / any organisation) can engage Claire for 1:1 management coaching for anyone outside of the Motivate programme too.

How would you describe the learning style of Motivate?

We try to work along the lines of the 70 / 20 / 10 learning model and structure our programmes so that they cater for a number of different preferred learning styles and different peaks and troughs in workload of the participants.  

We start with the knowledge and the skills learning on the modules section: and then move onto the development and confidence growth in the coaching section; the workbooks are provided to help bring the content right back to you and your current situation and where you need to focus; and the peer support allows for further growth and confidence building

70  20  10 learning model.png

I'd like to know more

for more information email us at or use this link to book a call and we can have a chat

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