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a 12-module certificated programme which really digs deep into the understanding of people skills, self-awareness, and emotional intelligence

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The very best people managers are those who fully understand themselves and those in their teams.  They are emotionally intelligent individuals who can adapt and change their style and their approach to suit their interactions with different individuals.

These Managers create and establish engagement,
belonging, trust and success - sounds good, right?

Friends in the Lake

Managing others can be the most challenging of roles.  Often, we allow or expect people to do so without equipping them with the skills, knowledge and tools to manage and motivate others well. 

 ​Colleagues who think and work differently to us; colleagues whose standards and behaviours don't match ours; colleagues who seem secretive and who don't share - these can all be challenging situations to deal with and ones that we instinctively shy away from. 

Not so for those who have been through Wellbeing-Led Management training!

In this programme you will learn about people, self awareness, inclusivity, belonging, motivation, emotional intelligence and a wellbeing-first approach to people management.

Each module provides practical tools, specific examples, and actionable insights, enabling participants to really deepen their people knowledge and understanding

the modules

1. What makes a Manager a Manager

Considering ourselves as Managers and other Managers we have know, what are the qualities that make a Manager a Manager?

2. 13 ingredients of great Managing

Based on global research, what are the 13 elements that those who experience the best of management, all have in common

3. Self Awareness - Individuals & their characteristics

How our individual traits and characteristics impact the way we 'see' the world

4. Team roles and relationships

How our different work characteristics interact with each other and how that affects relationships at work

5. What makes a successful team?

When is a team a team?;

What are the Characteristics of Successful Teams; and what are the common reasons that teams 'fail'; and how to avoid them.

6. Motivation and motivating

A semi-scientific and semi-psychological look at the different elements of motivation and motivating, and how you can implement these as part of your manager role.

7. Team Wellbeing

What is wellbeing?; What impacts wellbeing?; Specifically, what impacts wellbeing at work; and some clear and actionable workplace specifics to help improve wellbeing in your team

8. Dealing with Difficult People 

When dealing with 'difficult' behaviour, it's crucial to identify, Is the behaviour difficult or is it different?; and, if it is difficult, what are the common difficult behaviour types?; How can you predict them; and what are the clear and actionable ways to deal with them

9. Holding challenging conversations

A manager's approach to What makes a conversation difficult?;

Why do we need to hold them?; How to create a win / win result; and

A step-by-step approach to preparing for and holding the conversation(s)

10. Managing Performance

Reimagining performance management; 5 Key Elements of this re-imagination; how to make it human; keeping on top of this approach; how to change tack when this new approach is no longer possible; and How to look after yourself in the process

11. Influence and Influencing

A useful Manager's view stroll through What is Influence?; Why and where might we want / need to influence others?;  Seven Principles of Influence; and; Influencing skills and where to use them

12. Coaching & Mentoring

Finally, What are coaching and mentoring, and how are they different; Why you might want to use one or both; When could coaching or mentoring help?; The specifics of coaching and mentoring; and the skills needed to add these in your Managerial toolkit 

Sign up today and embed the people & wellbeing elements of your people management / people leadership role

what do you get?

Working from a Laptop
Video Conference

Twelve individually themed learning modules with in-session activities  


These are accessed either:

pre-recorded online only - self-study 

or in live delivery workshops (also with watch-again access to the pre-records online) - live programme

A workbook for each module, helping you to reflect on and implement the learning, and with prompts to help you apply the content to your own circumstance and situation

These are provided in both google doc and word doc format

(both self-study and live programme)

Monthly course-specific group coaching calls for 6-months following the end of the live delivery for questions, confidence, and camaraderie with other course participants

live programme only

what does this deliver?

Working at home
Support Group Meeting
Table Calendar


Enhanced people and wellbeing-led leadership capabilities and managerial effectiveness with a greater understanding of self and others


A safe and supportive environment in which to explore self awareness, emotional intelligence, and many of the softer and yet very impactful sides to people-management


Materials designed specifically to help you implement and embed the programme learning, leading to long-term impact, improvements and success

Working on a Laptop

study options 

Self Study

Gain instant, self-study online access to all 12 self-study modules, as Pre-recorded Videos with accompanying Reflection & Implementation Guides to go with each module for you to download and complete for your own use.


There is no live element to this option

Get 12-months online access to the programme and materials

£380 per person

or £47 per month

Live Group Programme

Access to our 12-week live group training and coaching programme. 


Each week you will be sent the module call link and accompanying Reflection & Implementation Guide. 


Then join us for a live monthly coaching call with other participants, to discuss the module its topics and their implications each month for six months following the end of the programme

(And get 12-months' access to the self-study programme and materials)

£575 per person

or £71 per month

next programme starts May 2024

lifted colleagues

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Wellbeing Led Management was the right blend of theory, examples, activities and reflection.  And the combination of the learning modules, the workbooks and the following coaching calls really helped me use my learning to the best advantage.  I'm not sure what I was expecting from the course but this was really good.  It made me look at myself and everyone around me in a totally different way.  If you've been a Manager for a little while and. you're looking to really dig-in to that part of your role, this is a brilliant course for you.

Sarah Stott

Head of Fundraising

Children's Hospice South West

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