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a 6-module programme for those moving from contributor to manager roles or who've already made that move but not had any formal support or training

Moving into people-management can be hard!

Going from being awesome at your own particular specialism area, to line-managing one or more other people who are also awesome in that same specialism area, isn't always as easy as you might expect it to be
There are lots of new things to think about and balance


How do you balance your time between delivery of your own operational workload AND providing the support needed by those you people-manage?

How do you learn to celebrate their successes as your successes?

• How do you delegate and give opportunities?

How do you manage difference of approach and opinion?

How do you give them the support they need to learn and grow, especially if this might not be in exactly the same way as you do things?​

How do you learn to love these new parts of your role?

Fundamentals of Management gives you and your peer managers the practical and tactical skills and tools you need ease the transition from Contributor to Manager

the modules

1. Manager Mindset

The mindset transition needed to move from team contributor to people manager

2. Goal setting & measurement

How to set and measure meaningful goals for your team and for yourself

3. Great Communication

How to communicate with team members for great results and engagement

4. Effective feedback & performance review

How to deliver great feedback and review performance well to colleagues within your specialism

5. Delegation & Coaching

Delegate, coach, support, encourage improvement (and don't do it instead yourself)

6. Teams & Team Dynamics

Embracing diversity of thought and approach to make amazing things happen

Sign up today and gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence to allow you to maximise your approach to transitioning from contributor to people manager 

what do you get?

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Six individually themed learning modules with in-session activities  


Theses are accessed either:

pre-recorded online only - self-study 

or in live delivery workshops with watch-again access to the pre-records online - live programme

A workbook for each module, helping you to reflect on and implement the learning, and with prompts to help you apply the content to your own circumstance and situation

These are provided in both google doc and word doc format

(both self-study and live programme)

Monthly course-specific group coaching calls for 6-months following the end of the live delivery for questions, confidence, and camaraderie with other course participants

live programme only

what does this deliver?

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A structured and measured approach, with examples and tips, to making the move from a team contributor role to a people manager role


Theories, examples and suggestions to help apply and use the learning and to make your transition smooth and successful


A module-by-module workbook that builds into your own personalised plan to help you navigate this change in perspective and help keep on track. 

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study options

Live Programme

Gain live access to:


  • our live group delivered training programme

  • the accompanying Reflection & Implementation Guide for you to download and complete for your own use

  • monthly group coaching calls for 6 months following the end of the live programme delivery

(And get 6-months access to the self-study version programme and materials)

£54.50 per month for 6 months

or 10% pay in full discount £295 

next live cohort starts June 5th 2024

Self Study

Gain instant online access to:


  • the course in self-study format: the same 6 modules, delivered as Pre-recorded Videos

  • The accompanying Reflection & Implementation Guide for you to download and complete for your own use


There is no live element to this option

or 10% pay in full discount £180 

£33.50 per month for 6 months

Fundamentals access no

lifted colleagues

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Darren Worthy

Senior Individual Giving Manager


I loved the Fundamentals of Management programme and Claire has been an absolute pleasure to work with.


The knowledge, expertise and tips shared within the programme have helped me immensely in my journey as a line manager improving both relationships, results and my self-confidence 

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