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Your secret ingredient and how to use it

What’s your secret life balance ingredient?

Think of adding dark chocolate to chilli; adding salt to caramel; and in the case of Warner Tall, adding golden syrup to cake mixture (you NEED to try it!)

Your secret ingredient will be something that, like in all of the examples above, you only need the tiniest quantity of to make a HUGE difference

And it might be really bizarre or unusual. But the inclusion or lack of this particular tiny thing in your daily or weekly routine will have an enormous impact on your own balance. And as you'll see from my examples below, these are always going to be individual or personal to you.

I have a couple but I’ll share the weirdest / most unobvious ones with you, not because I think they'll be yours too but so that you know the kinds of ingredients we're talking about:

1) Days when I have tea planned and prepped before I start work are AMAZING days.

It wasn’t until I started doing this that I realised just what a detrimental effect having the dreaded “what’s for tea?” question hanging over my head, was having on my day - and also my evening

2) I also have one friend who I only need to share one text message conversation with, or have one phone call with, and she can dramatically improve my whole mood and mindest

What is your secret ingredient?

Who is your secret ingredient?

If you don’t know, go find it!


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