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This week I've been thinking a lot about a particular word, and how I feel about it


I'll happily take a punt that at various times over the last few years, things in your life have seemed unstoppable.

It's a word Lisa used last week. She said "I have a feeling we might be unstoppable". And it's sat with me for a while since. Because it's a sentiment I love. It's a sentiment that I really want to subscribe to. But there was something about it that just didn't feel right. And then it hit me...

The reality of being Unstoppable is an oxymoron

To be unstoppable in the very best sense, requires some temporary stopping!

To be unstoppable in our quest to deliver our organisations' missions, requires us to stop, to take rest, to take joy, to take time to do other things, to take time to include other things in our lives that prepare us for picking the mission back up again.

Now, this is a sentiment I can entirely subscribe to

To make the missions of our organisations unstoppable (ours is 'to make Changing the World the only challenge that charity sector colleagues face at work'), as the individuals delivering that mission, we HAVE to stop regularly.

It's the stopping that enables us to be unstoppable

The secret of being unstoppable

You see, the secret of achieving unstoppable comes in 3 parts:

1) what is it you want to contribute to the "unstoppableness" of? And what and where does your contribution need to be?

2) what are the ingredients you need in the other parts of your life to empower this contribution to the "unstoppableness"? (family, friends hobbies, rest, sleep, nutrition, hydration etc)

3) what are the things you don't want to be doing or want to be doing less of that you need to "stop" to make the unstoppableness possible?

The application of Unstoppable

Some of us are in a position where we don't just need to consider these questions for ourselves personally, but also for our teams and for our wider organisations.

It would also be good to remember that the prioritisation and the deliberate stopping of things can really challenge you.

But that challenge is worth it

To achieve unstoppable, what do you need to stop doing, and stop for?

Claire x


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