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How to take the break you need this Christmas

How to actually take (and really have) a break this Christmas

1) you NEED the break!

2) worrying about work over the break won't make it any better

3) not worrying about work over the break WILL make it better

4) put work and your worries in a "mental box" and mark it "not to be opened before 5th January" (or whenever your return to work date it)

5) spend Christmas re-filling all of your empty tanks so they're ready to help you cope with the contents of "the box" in January

6) write a list of the 3 things you need to address on your first day back, so you know what you're coming back to

7) go laugh, love, eat, sleep, rest, drink, binge-watch, walk, do whatever brings YOU joy

8) whatever is going to happen in January is going to happen. Rest-up and be ready for it. DON'T let it ruin your much-deserved break

This break (and all breaks) is not a luxury. You need it. Enjoy


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