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Do you know what is in your blindspots?

Do you know what's in your blindspots?

Do you even consider that you have blindspots?

So much of our individual and workplace wellbeing is reliant of a certain level of self-awareness. And this is something that can be learnt fairly quickly when you start asking yourself the right questions.

Do you know what is in your blindspots? What are the things that, more than once, have appeared to come at you from nowhere, but on thinking about it, you absolutely should have seen or predicted coming? This applies as much to you at work and to your team as it does to you personally.

We spend so much time polishing and perfecting the things in front of us, we very often forget to use our mirrors

What is in your blind spots? If you don't know, time to take a closer look.

Next time you get that "doh" moment, instead of leaving it at "doh" think about how you could have anticipated it and what you can do to see it coming and either prepare for, prevent or mitigate the impact


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