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a 6-module course which looks at the different skills and qualities, of management & leadership, how to adopt and embrace them; and  how to successfully be able to do both

Making the move from Manager to Leader doesn't happen over night and doesn't happen in one step. 

There are different skills and qualities needed for leadership than for management.  And there are many times when someone perceived as A Leader will need to Manage, and where a person perceived as A Manager will need to Lead

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How do you balance your time between delivery of your own operational workload AND providing the support needed by those you people-manage?

How do you learn to celebrate their successes as your successes?

• How do you delegate and give opportunities?

How do you manage difference of approach and opinion?

How do you give them the support they need to learn and grow, especially if this might not be in exactly the same way as you do things?​

How do you learn to love these new parts of your role?

Fundamentals of Management gives you and your peer managers the practical and tactical skills and tools you need ease the transition from Contributor to Manager

the modules

1. Introduction to Management & Leadership

An introduction to the fundamental concepts of management and leadership, highlighting their unique roles and importance within charity organisations.

2. The evolving role of Managers & Leaders

An exploration the dynamic landscape shaping management and leadership roles in charity organisations, focusing on adapting skills to meet evolving challenges.

3. Transitioning between Management & Leadership

Practical guidance on transitioning from managerial to leadership roles, emphasising the cultivation of essential leadership skills and personal identity.

4. Leading Departments in Charity Organisations

Effective strategies for leading departments within charity organizations, emphasising team dynamics, motivation, and conflict resolution.

5. Strategic Management & Leadership

Delving into strategic thinking and visionary leadership, equipping participants with tools to align organizational goals with mission and drive impactful change.

6. Sustaining effective Management & Leadership

A focus on sustaining effective management and leadership practices, emphasising continuous learning, resilience, and succession planning for long-term success.

Sign up today and embrace the transformative journey of leadership in charity organisations and cultivate the skills needed to drive positive change and make a lasting impact

what do you get?

Lean into Leadership 6 learning modules
Lean into Leadership workbook
Lean into Leadership Monthly Zoom coaching call

Six individually themed learning modules with in-session activities  


Theses are accessed either:

pre-recorded online only - self-study 

or in live delivery workshops with watch-again access to the pre-records online - live programme

A workbook for each module, helping you to reflect on and implement the learning, and with prompts to help you apply the content to your own circumstance and situation

These are provided in both google doc and word doc format

(both self-study and live programme)

Monthly group coaching calls for 6-months following the end of the live delivery for questions, confidence, and camaraderie with other course participants

live programme only

what does this deliver?

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Enhanced Leadership Skills: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the differences between management and leadership and develop essential leadership competencies such as communication, strategic thinking, and team management.


Successful Transitioning: Learn practical strategies for transitioning between management and leadership roles, enabling you to navigate career progression effectively and contribute more significantly to your organisation.


Impactful Leadership: Through the application of strategic management principles and sustained effective leadership practices, you will be equipped to lead your team /  department with purpose, resilience, and a commitment to driving positive change.

how do I know this is for me?

  1. You're a leader or aspiring leader within an organisation looking to enhance your leadership skills, capabilities, and impact; or

  2. You're facing challenges related to leading teams effectively, driving organisational change, or managing complex business environments, and you're seeking support and guidance to overcome these challenges; or

  3. Your organisation is undergoing a leadership transition, succession planning, or talent development initiative, and you're interested in equipping current and future leaders with the skills and competencies needed to succeed; or

  4. You recognise the importance of continuous learning and development in leadership and are committed to investing in your personal and professional growth; or

  5. You're looking for a practical, hands-on leadership development programme that focus on real-world application and delivers tangible results for you and your colleagues.

Lean into Leadership Sign Up options

study options

Self Study

Gain instant online access to:


  • the course in self-study format: the same 6 modules, delivered as Pre-recorded Videos

  • The accompanying Reflection & Implementation Guide for you to download and complete for your own use


There is no live element to this option

£220 per person

or £40.50 per month for 6 months

Live Programme

Gain live access to:


  • our 6-week live group delivered training programme.

  • the accompanying Reflection & Implementation Guide for you to download and complete for your own use

  • monthly group coaching calls for 6 months following the end of the live programme delivery

(And get 6-months access to the self-study version programme and materials)

£330 per person

or £60 per month for 6 months

next live cohort starts 19th March 2024

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talk to us about one of these or about something else

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