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What do we actually DO at Lift?

What do we do at Lift?

Lift (known until October 2022 under our former name, Claire Warner Wellbeing) exists to help individuals and organisations that operate in the "for-good" space, to recognise that, to best serve their purpose and achieve their mission, individually and collectively, they NEED to prioritise wellbeing - Knackered, stressed and stretched does not produce your best

That's a very simple explanation but also, not very specific.

In 2018/19 I undertook a piece of 3rd sector research into colleague wellbeing and the causes of any "unwellbeing".

There were a few!

The common themes that came up were:

~ Unrealistic workload / work hours

~ Lack of support

~ Poor / non-existent organisational culture

~ Bad management

~ Passion exhaustion

~ Lack of clear / consistent priorities and goals

So, the work we (me + Kate) do helps address these issues

The notion of Workplace Wellbeing in the 3rd sector is not widely known or understood. So while we're trying to address these issues, we're also having to create the niche and persuade people of the need for a focus on wellbeing, as well as helping them to address it!

Having spent 3 years doing lots of different bits of work and projects, testing the market and finding out a) what work we like to do, and b) what work people need from us, for 2022 we've settled on 3 main areas of focus:

1 - Motivate: our signature 6-month management knowledge, skill and confidence training and coaching programme for existing and aspiring managers - book now for the programme that starts at the end of January (find out more and sign up!)

2 - Consultancy: from wellbeing audits to creating colleague journeys, from people and culture strategies to interim workplace wellbeing consultancy, it is through working across entire teams and organisations that we can effect the most benefit - book a chat

3 - CLUB2190 (coming July 2022) a wellbeing and balance-focussed membership for professionals working in "for-good" organisations (join the waitlist here)

I will also continue to run Thrive Fundraising Leaders and work with a small number of 1:1 clients but neither of these are not open for new sign-ups currently

What could we do with you in 2022?



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