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The ingredients of your life balance

Now I've convinced you to think about Life Balance (not work / life balance) you also need to know that the secret to life balance is knowing the two parts:

1) what the key ingredients are to your life balance (they are individual to you) and 2) what quantities of each of the ingredients create the best results for you?

Like making a cake or any meal that needs more than prick and ping, it's very rare that you need exactly the same amount of each ingredient for the perfect result

It's also fairly common that you accidentally add too much of one ingredient and so have to compensate by adding more of others, or are missing one ingredient and so have to find a suitable replacement

Life Balance is exactly the same as this

And, the process of discovering what YOUR ingredients are and the quantities of each you need to deliver the best results for you, is as good for your wellbeing and life balance as keeping to them once you've identified them.

The other great thing about knowing the ingredients and the quantities is that you can create a preparation and recovery plan in advance of things that you know in advance are going to knock that balance.

If you know you're going to add far too much flour over the next week or so, you can prepare by adding more eggs before the flour, and add more sugar after the flour has finished - I guess I've lost the analogy somewhat there, but if you know you're about to have a prolonged period of extra work, you can prepare in advance by stocking up on your rest and on your sleep, and you can recover afterwards by adding lots of friends / hobby / exercise / outdoors / you time, until the balance is restored

Like with all great theories, there are exceptions and there are instances you can't plan for.

But knowing what you need to do to help you to prepare beforehand and then recover afterwards is more than half of the battle


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