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Moving on - Thrive has become....

The History

Back in 2019, I created the first pilot outline of the Thrive Leaders programme.

Thrive was the wellbeing-led thing I wanted to be able to deliver for Fundraising Leaders - the programme where the person who leads an organisation's fundraising function (the role I had previously inhabited and LOVED for 10+ years) could get the support, cheerleading, camaraderie, access to expertise, and Squad vibes they need in what can be a lonely role.Thrive was created to provide all of the things I knew I needed but never managed to access all together when I was a Fundraising Director.

Thrive was also my first business "child" (I love it like a parent loves a child). It was designed to improve the wellbeing of Fundraising leaders - and it Does! And, for a while, back in the early weeks of the first lockdown in 2020, Thrive was the thing that saved my own sanity as well as that of some of those on the programme.

The Future

As many of you who have been around for 12 months and more will know, the main focus of my business very heavily remains as the wellbeing of Fundraisers and other professionals in the charity sector.

But most of the work we do now involves CEOs, Trustees and entire Senior Leadership Teams. These are the people who have the most influence on the wellbeing of their colleagues.

And, while Thrive still has a very solid place in the world of Fundraising Leaders, I realised a few months ago that for it to 'Thrive' as it should as a programme and a community, it needed to be driven-forwards by someone else.


So I'm DELIGHTED to introduce Fuel - the new iteration of Thrive, encouraging Fundraising Leaders to Fuel their Fundraising (and their wellbeing!).

And I'm even more delighted that Fuel is now owned and led by my very good friend and colleague, Andy King, who himself, has been a resident expert on the Thrive (now Fuel) programme since it began.Intro from AndyMy agency, Fireside Fundraising, exists to help you tell your most important stories to those with the power to change the ending. This includes the stories you tell yourself and your team, making Thrive a natural part of the Fireside offering.

It's for fundraisers, by fundraisers. As the anthem of this email goes - it's about sisters doin' it for themselves.

So, Thrive is becoming Fuel! The ‘why’ of the programme is staying the exact same, with the ‘what’ evolving for the hybrid work culture we find ourselves in.

What is Fuel?

Fuel is a programme for fundraising leaders. We’ll connect you with peers and experts for advice, motivation, and celebration.

You’ll have access to resident experts in all major areas of fundraising leadership. These experts will be on hand to help you throughout the year, ensuring you’re never struggling with a challenge alone.

You’ll hear from guest experts every month, bringing you the latest trends in and challenges in fundraising. This means you’ll make the most of every opportunity that comes your way.

You’ll be part of a consistent community, who’ll be there to give you get you through the hard times and celebrate the good. This means you’ll be connected to people who make your job more enjoyable.

You’ll have access to two expert-led calls a month, one facilitated member’s session a month and a slack community bubbling with resources, reliable info and real peers you can connect with.

To receive full information on how to sign up and hear about experts as they’re announced, fill out your details here:

So, as any proud parent, waving their first-born off as they leave for adventures new, I am a bit sad but also know that Fuel is THE best way forwards for the programme. And I can't wait to see where Andy takes it.

We would LOVE you to have a look at the information (please share this with your fundraising colleagues too!), AND to take up Andy's generous offer of a free month so you can try it out.

And (because I am not ready yet to let go completely) I'll see you in Fuel as the resident People & Culture expert

Claire xx



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