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If you're starting your organisation's wellbeing work by looking at staff resilience...

you're looking in entirely the wrong direction

Ok, I'll caveat that

If your people are all 100% well, have not been impacted at all by the pandemic, or anything else in the last 28 months, and your organisation has not asked anything extra at all of them in the same period, then yes, you possibly could start with resilience

But, if, as I suspect, is the case in most organisations, you can't say yes to all of these, then you need to start at the other end. Your people have had their resilience tested adequately by life recently. You need to allow them to give their resilience muscles a rest. Instead, if you want to start meaningfully looking at colleague wellbeing, you need to look in entirely the other direction.

What is making their work more difficult than it needs to be? Where is there confusion and lack of clarity? Are your expectations of them vaguely reasonable? Do they get the support they need from their line manager? Do they feel engaged, consulted and valued? I could go on (and do, regularly)

Resilience is a huge part of wellbeing, but it's not the first part. Addressing resilience first is like putting your trousers on before your undies


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