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Episode Four - Self Awareness

There are many great benefits to self-awareness, particularly in relation to understanding and developing relationships:

1) We understand more about ourselves and the way we inherently behave, make decisions, approach work, react etc

2) We can use that understanding to think about how others might see or perceive us

3) It provides an opportunity to consider how different inherent reactions, behaviours, decisions etc might manifest

4) It can help identify where individual / team unconscious bias and blindspots might occur

5) It can help us understand why people with exactly the same passion and drive can sometimes experience friction or antagonism

6) We can use it to better understand ourselves, each other, and our interactions and improve relationships

This episode of All Being Well looks at how we can start to develop self-awareness and use what we learn. As usual, I use myself as the example not because I'm a great example (I'm not) but because I have my own permission to share my information

The episode also refers to the 16 Personalities tool which you can find here

And our You-ser Manual tool which you can find here

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