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3 ways to make your team meetings more effective

If there's one thing we've seen a huge increase in since March 2020, it's meetings

Last week I was even invited to a meeting to plan future meetings

Well run meetings are at the core of a successful team. But the important part of that statement is the "well run" part

1) Ask colleagues for agenda items in advance and allocate each of them as one of: Item for decision; Item for Discussion; Item for Information; or Item to be parked for a future meeting

2) Allocate times to each of the agenda points so that the meeting runs to time and so that people don't "go on"

3) Share the Chair - make a different person the Chair of the meeting each time. And at the end of the meeting, have that person lead suggestions from the team about how future meetings could be improved

Above all, make sure it needs to be a meeting in the first place!



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