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2 Questions that could revolutionise your internal communications

A huge part of our roles as Managers is communication

The best Managers are those who communicate clearly, authentically, transparently, and efficiently

One of the biggest stumbling blocks around communication comes from meetings and specifically what’s been discussed and / or decided, who else needs to know, and who is going to tell them

It’s entirely possible for 4 people in a meeting to come away with slightly different understandings of each of these.

The ensuing different messages, shared (or not!) in different ways and to different groups, can cause more confusion than not sharing anything from the meeting or discussion at all

I know from my time in big teams (and in life in general) I err on the side of sharing - there have been times when I’ve shared things with my team (professionally!) way in advance of any other meeting attendee sharing with their team. And on occasions this caused problems where other teams were (to my mind, rightfully) disgruntled about why my team knew things that they didn’t. I’m not talking trade secrets level info, just decisions that have been made that they need to know about to be able to do their roles

Imagine how different this all could be if you ended every meeting agenda (please tell me you have agendas for your meetings!!) with these 2 questions:

1. Who else needs to know?

2. Who is going to tell them?

Try adding these to the end of your meeting agendas and see the difference they start to make



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