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The importance of community - A Rising Tide

This week's Lift Letter is introducing something I've been wanting to create for a while

A Rising Tide....

Being the Manager or Leader of a Team, Department or whole organisation in the charity / not-for-profit sector is amazing. But at times it can also feel quite lonely and isolated.

So we've created a new FREE community based in a group on LinkedIn (because I hate facebook) where we come together as People Managers & Leaders in the charity sector, to link arms in shared passion, challenge and solidarity

Based on my favourite premise, that "A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats", the group is designed to add a little "lift" to your day, your week or even the hour. Today it might be you who needs lifting. Tomorrow you might be doing the lifting for someone else.

Join up for some awesome sharing, learning, cheer-leading, support and "Lifting" (and plenty of belly laughs along the way!)

We'll also be using the group to host the fortnightly LIVE recording of new "Lift Lesson" conversations, where we'll be talking to colleagues across the sector about the Workplace Culture and Management lessons of their careers. These will be available afterwards as podcast recordings but you can watch and listen to them live in the group.

And once a month, we'll hold a Lift Lunch where we can have lunch together in real time (probably on zoom)

Fancy it?

Come and join us now - click here

Claire & Lisa xx



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