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It ain't what you do, it's the way that you do it

Happy Bank Holiday Week (number one of three) to you!

I don't know about you but I'm totally discombublicated with what day it is, what date it is and how many days there are left this week and month. But then, it doesn't take that much to confuse me

How are you?

How's your week going?

How are you feeling about work, life and everything in between?

Today I want to talk to you about the rest of the line from the title - "It ain't what you do, it's the way that you do it", and,

why we do things the way that we do them here at Lift

When I first started looking into the concept of wellbeing and the impact of the workplace on wellbeing, I realised just how much learning motivated me. This was something I was interested in, I wanted to know more about, AND I could see would have great benefit to my desire to run my own business (serving the charity / 3rd sector in some way) rather than trying to go back to an in-house job like those I'd had before being ill. I spent HOURS reading, watching TED Talks, applying what I'd read and heard to what I knew about the sector, and identifying where I could make a difference

I also remember how motivating it was to learn about the different types of motivation AND the different ways in which we learn.

Traditional professional "training" (as I'd mainly experienced it)

Most of the training and development opportunities I had in my in-house career involved face-to-face 'lecture' type sessions, sometimes with a one-sider provided about the main themes; usually requiring me to take copious notes at the session; and usually with no follow-up afterwards.

It was also fairly expensive and so a) not everyone who would have benefitted from it had access to it and b) it wasn't repeated very often.

Lift training & learning

From before we set up the company now known as Lift, it was important for us to do things differently - not because they were different, but because they were the right way to do things

We have always adopted the 70:20:10 model for all of our training and programmes

EVERYTHING we do, even if it's a conference workshop, a one-off session, right up to our bigger programmes; ALL use this method

We make sure that our "classroom" / session / workshop / programme content is great, is tailored to the sector we work in and to the challenges we know colleagues face. In the case of our structured in-house programmes, even if you choose the option to have us come and deliver live and in-person in your workplace, we also give you access to the online version too so that anyone can go back to it, it's not a one-hit, miss it, miss out scenario..

We offer access to coaching and q&a calls for a minimum of 6 months with all content, regardless of whether delivered live or on self-paced study;

The 6-months (minimum - it's usually 12 months) of ongoing support means that we structure everything so that individuals can adopt and adapt their learning "on the job". They can try a bit, get it better, try the next bit, get it better etc

We also provide a "workbook" or prompt questions with Everything.

These are created to allow each person to apply each part of the learning to their own exact situation and to identify where their gaps are. They can then bring these as questions to the coaching and Q&A calls or they can email us (we offer people regardless of the setting, the opportunity to come back and Ask)

What's important to us isn't that you book the training / programme / course (although we love it when you do)

As we mentioned in our last Lift Letter, we're also about to start a pilot of a 12-month programme giving whole organisations access to everything for 12-months at a time. So there is no choosing who needs or deserves the "training spend" more, and there's no need for people to feel worried about saying there's a bit they don't know about, haven't had any training on, or aren't confident about - All people-managers regardless of their role and level in the organisation, can access All of the content. We're really excited to see how this develops.

Our main aim is that we can support you and your colleagues to Lift management and leadership knowledge, skill and confidence, AND how you use and hone and thrive in these in your daily working lives

We're in this for the long haul - we want to see you and your colleagues Lift

If anything in this email has struck a chord and you'd like to know more, just hit reply and we can have a chat, either by email or on a call



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