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Space for


Does that sound like:
Something you want?
Something you've tried to find before?
Something you

There are 168 hours in a week

168 hours.png

And yet we struggle to find space

space for the things
important to
me, not just
urgent to other people;

space for the people
important to

space for

of people struggle to find time for themselves

we work in a giving sector

Volunteer Group

We don't usually have to look far to find someone whose needs we believe are greater than ours

whether that be

  • a beneficiary of our organisation

  • a colleague

  • a friend

  • a family member

we have a tendency to put the needs of others before our own.

Working at home

And at a time when we've had little, if no, opportunity to 'recover' from the additional challenges of the pandemic (and in a lot of cases, those additional challenges haven't gone away) many of our organisations are looking for more

And we're fairly sure, we don't have any more to give

In fact, we're not sure where we're finding the current level of 'more' from, let alone more

And the idea of finding space for me sounds wonderful.  But we've no idea where we're going to find it.

In fact, we're fairly sure we can't

so we don't

regardless of what you would do with "space for me" if you had it,
you don't just deserve it, you
need it


I'm fairly sure at least one (probably all) of the below will resonate
Number 1 image_edited_edited.png

You know you're already maxed out in many areas, but you're not sure how to undo this without feeling like you're dropping everything

Number 2 image_edited_edited.png

You already worry about not doing a good enough job of all (any) of the things you're already doing

Number 3 image_edited_edited.png

Space for Me sounds like something that the alter-ego of you, who feels more in control and like they're doing a better job of the "stuff" would manage to achieve 


Claire with coffee.png

Hi, I'm Claire

It took a fairly significant knock to my wellbeing (breast cancer) for me to reconsider and re-prioritise where and when I made Space for Me

I actually took that reconsidering to the 'nth' degree and changed my career entirely, to help improve the  wellbeing of those working in the charity and for-good sectors

I've been there, got the t-shirt, formed the company. 


And now I'm going to help you find and hold  Space for me (for you)




Space for

a 12-week recurring membership for those who want support to find and hold 
"Space for Me"

how does it work?

Space for Me helps you work (either on your own, or as part of a group - whichever you prefer) through what it is that you want to find space for me for, why you're not currently finding or managing it, and where you can start to make that space and then hold it

The programme is primarily run by email, in which we'll provide a combination of videos, questions, tools and downloads.

There will also be 'space' where you can join us in doing those tasks it they're tasks such as:

  • "making space for me to work on the thing I know is really important but isn't one of the things people are nagging me for" or 

  • "making space for me to plan out my week so I can see what's supposed to be happening and when" or 

  • "making space for me to stop for 10 minutes and have a cup of tea"


There will also be 'space' where we can't join you in the thing you want to make space for but we want you to tell us about it and to cheer you on. 

Staff Meeting

what do you get?

Man on His Laptop
Person Participating in Video Call
Mobile App

Our Space for Me guide to help you identify what it is you want to find space for me for, and why you're not currently finding it

A weekly live call (time and day changes each week) for you to use, either as the space you're looking for to actually DO the thing; or to work through some of the barriers preventing you from creating space

A private facebook group of Space for Me peers where you can share your goals and your barriers and help with accountability for each other

If wanted, we will also create micro groups of people all working on the same space use

what does this deliver?

Woman at Work
Audience Laughing


The space and the prompts you need to work out what you need Space for Me for, what you will do with that space and where you know you're likely to be diverted off track

A plan to help you create that space, either in full now, or starting now and increasing, and the boundaries you need to adopt to keep and hold that space


A community of peers to share and hold accountability with and for, some of whom will be looking for the same space as you, others who will be facing the same blockers


Space for Me Background Image

join today

October - December 23
£15 per month
for 3 months

I'm In!

got questions?

email us



Hands down, I would not have got through Lockdown with any shred of my sanity if it wasn't for Claire Warner AKA Mrs Wellbeing.


What Claire doesn't know about keeping yourself sane, and thriving (not just surviving) isn't worth knowing.

Charity staff have needed help for a long time. And when the world was thrown into disarray, Claire was there with a huge range of programmes and support to give to the Charity Sector. And BOY does the sector need her more than ever

Sarah Goddard

Choose You background image.jpg

why choose us?

Claire Warner Charity Wellbeing_edited.jpg

lift. is a workplace culture, management & wellbeing consultancy, founded by CEO, Claire Warner.  Claire is an award-winning Roffey Park Institute and Management Centre trained management specialist and a member of the Institute of Leadership and Management. 

In a successful 19-year career as a fundraising senior leader, Claire helped raise more than £70 million for capital & revenue projects. But she found her real passion and her joy in managing and mentoring more than 100 fundraising and communications professionals, supporting many of them into managerial and leadership roles themselves.


In 2018, Claire founded a consultancy (now called Lift.) which helps organisations to develop their own way of delivering incredible results whilst lifting, not breaking, their staff. In 2019, She conducted the UK's first fundraising sector culture & wellbeing research;  and is widely regarded as one of the leading specialists for not-for-profit and public sector work.Claire is now also an in-demand conference speaker and session facilitator and host, sharing the work and the ethos of Lift

find out more about the lift. team

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