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workplace wellbeing  & culture consultancy

As the UK’s leading charity workplace culture consultancy, we identify, design and create projects that Lift positive organisational culture; and inspire colleague, customer and citizen behaviour change. All delivered with powerful and persuasive communications and brands. We are Lift - w

we're on a mission 

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to lift. wellbeing in charity, nfp and public sector organisations: 

And in doing so, to

and see our sector colleagues Thrive

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and who

doesn't want that?

we've worked in the charity sector too - we know how some of this feels

we work with organisations to develop

their own ways to deliver incredible results by (not breaking) their staff


others We've helped

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Established in 2018, (originally under the name of Claire Warner), lift. has helped hundreds of individuals and organisations to create happy, healthy and productive colleagues and workplaces



Charities can only change their part of the world, and work towards achieving their mission, by having the right people in post, and those people having the support they need to do their job well.


The pandemic and the cost-of-living crisis, and the extra demands theses are making on organisations and colleagues, mean that what was already a labour of love, is just getting harder.  Many of your colleagues are struggling – and your charity might be struggling too.


It's becoming increasingly apparent that the number one reason that struggles don't get reduced or removed; that small problems go un-checked and fester; and that workplace culture slides; is that managers don’t have the skill, experience or confidence to know how to deal with them.

Or to deal with constant external change; with an un-recovered workforce; with increasing demand for services; or with the passion fatigue that many are also feeling


And, in a candidate’s market, having a great line manager can make the difference between staying and succeeding, or looking for a new job and leaving.

Or between accepting or turning down your job offer


All of this means it’s never been harder – or more important - to create and embed a supportive and inclusive culture; to protect colleague wellbeing; and to have a great line manager


This is a lot of pressure. But you don’t have to do this alone

our Approach is


We filter individual and organisational Passion, Purpose and Pursuit through the lenses of Workplace Culture, Colleague Wellbeing and Management Skill, to ensure that each organisation and each colleague is able to lift their mission and purpose while also lifting their ambition, happiness, motivation, performance, retention, productivity, innovation, results and joy

Happy, healthy, supported and motivated colleagues stay, and produce amazing results.


You just need to know how to lift them


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how we can help you

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a rising tide lifts all boats

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